Pochta Bank was created as natural complement of VTB group retail business for long-term and successfull work in the financial Russian market.

“Pochta Bank” is oriented towards a mass and lower-mass segment and offers the population services in great demand: cash credits, credits for purchases, credit cards, as well as cash transfers and payments.

Pochta Bank mobile banking services help you to access your bank account anytime, anywhere. It is available on Android, Windows and iOS devices. The user friendly application allows you to know the latest information about your cards and deposits, send money and pay bills in a few clicks and get complete control of your bank account.

June 1, Pochta Bank launched the application “Pochta Bank. Junior “, which is designed for the children and adolescents 8-14 years old and allows them to save money, independently pay for purchases on the Internet and make payments with the parental control. The product based on a virtual Visa card linked to the adult client account of the bank, and the access to information and management of card is provided by the client to his child via the mobile application “Pochta Bank. Jr”. This card can be linked to a smartphone based on the Android OS for contactless payment using Android pay or Samsung pay services.