We provide software development, support, outsourcing of business processes support services. Software development is one of the most important parts of our service.

Development and implementation of information systems:

– Documents flow

– Business processes

– Finance and finance planning

– Data warehouse

– Consulting in the sphere of software design, development and support

– Development and optimization of data handling algorithms.

– Integration of business applications

Development area and technologies

Web applications

Technologies: .NET, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, C++, SQL

Frameworks: Hibernate, AngularJS, jQuery, ASP.Net MVC,
ASP.Net Web Forms

Databases: MS SQL, PostgreSQL

Mobile Applications

Technologies: C++, Swift, Asp.Net, Java

Platforms: iOS, Android

Frameworks: Mantle, EasyMapping, AFNetworking, Core Data, Realm, FMDB, CryptoPRO, ReactiveCocoa, MagicalRecord, SpriteKit, GPUImage, SSKeychain, MBProgressHUD

Libraries: GoogleMaps, YandexMaps, Flurry, Hibernate, jQuery, Blackbone.JS, SenchaTouch, AJAX Toolkit library, gd2



Agile Iterative development process with short-term cycles: analysis, estimation, development, testing, delivery, analysis;

Ready-to-use software as a result of each cycle;

Requirements are dynamically changed as they can be reviewed at each step;

Continuous interaction with customer who determines priorities at each stage.


Requirements definition




Testing and verification



It implies that moving to the next phase is impossible while the previous is incomplete. Such methodology is applicable in large projects.